What We Do

At Adkins Real Estate Group, we believe that to best serve our clients we must work both sides of a real estate transaction.  The experience we have with helping buyers find their dream homes makes us better listing agents, and vice-versa.  You should always know what the other side of a transaction is experiencing, and by not choosing to focus on either buy-side or sell-side work, we believe your experience with us will be superior when compared to an agent who does only one or the other.



Buying a home involves a lot more than clicking around on Zillow.  It is a process full of opportunities to miss out on that perfect home or cost you lost earnest money.  Your home will likely be one of the largest purchases you'll ever make.  Let a professional like me assist you. 



The Internet has changed the home selling process significantly.  Gone are the days of sticking a sign in the yard and buying a couple of newspaper ads.  Today's buyers are more informed than ever, and a good listing agent can be critical to maximizing the cash with which you are able to leave the closing table.  


Whether you want to build a portfolio of rental properties or flip homes for a profit, investing in real estate is no different than investing in the stock market.  Information is key, and the more information you have on a home or stock, the more likely you are to make a successful decision.