Who We Are



Brandon Adkins, CPA, REALTOR®

Simply put, Brandon loves Dunwoody and real estate.  And with over 12 years in the business, he shows no signs of slowing down.  Prior to Keller Williams, Brandon was a CPA working as a Director at KPMG LLP, focusing in real estate and M&A financial due diligence.  He helped multi-billion dollar corporations buy and sell other corporations the same way he will help you buy or sell your home.  Although there are a few less zeroes in his transactions today, his enthusiasm for “the deal” is stronger than ever.  His attention to details, analytical mind and CPA skill set help him understand the Dunwoody market better than your average agent and allows him to communicate with the most business savvy clients out there.

Brandon has been a resident of Dunwoody for eight years now and is well connected to the community.  He serves on the board of directors as Treasurer of the Dunwoody Club Forest neighborhood association.  He is actively involved and has served as President of his Family Focus Sunday school class at Dunwoody United Methodist church.  He is also an active member at Dunwoody Country Club.  And with 3 children ages 8, 6 and 2 years old, Brandon is involved in just about every activity possible in Dunwoody for children.

Brandon is also the owner and author of a Dunwoody focused online-magazine called Life is Good in The Wood.  With a strong Dunwoody subscriber base and an average of over 1,000 page views a day, this magazine allows Brandon to stay connected to what is going on in Dunwoody, and most importantly to clients, allows a unique local marketing forum for a seller’s home and buyers looking to buy in the city.

Again, simply put, Brandon loves Dunwoody and real estate and is uniquely qualified to be your best Dunwoody-focused agent.


Debra Hughes, REALTOR®

Originally from Birmingham, Debra has lived in Dunwoody for 22 years. Prior to Keller Williams, Debra spent 13 years in the mortgage banking business, so she is uniquely qualified to not only walk you through the home buying process, but she can help you understand how to pay for it as well!

A mother of three daughters, Debra is passionate about seeing a piece of real estate, not as four walls and a roof, but as a home for a family. A stage for life to play out. Having successfully tackled numerous large-scale renovation projects in the past, Debra excels at not only seeing what a home currently is, but what it could be. Something that allows buyers to maximize value and to create something unique to call their own.

In addition to her mortgage background and her renovating skills, Debra brings the skill of networking to her client base. With 22 years of raising children and living in Dunwoody under her belt, Debra is well connected throughout the community. If you have a home to sell or a home to find, Debra likely knows your buyer or seller in Dunwoody. In a market where inventory is low and off-market deals are being done, she is the agent to have on your side.

Keller Williams Atlanta Perimeter

Keller Williams Atlanta Perimeter is home to the most professional full time residential and commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta.  This is where AREG decided to hang its real estate license for several reasons:

  • KW has been consistently ranked as the nation's #1 training organization by Training Magazine.

  • KWAP is part of the Rawls Group, which consistently has been at the top of the Atlanta Business Chronicles Best Places to Work list.

  • AREG has access to over 300 KWAP agents serving the entire metro Atlanta area.

If you are interested in a career in real estate, please call Brandon Adkins at 678-983-4747 today.  He would love to share his experience at KWAP with you.