Where We Work

Photos by Lisa Rappa Photography

Photos by Lisa Rappa Photography


Dunwoody, GA

We LOVE Dunwoody!  In fact, Dunwoody is the stage where we have elected to play out our lives.  Dunwoody was officially incorporated as a city on December 1, 2008. The city provides quality service to its citizens and supports the largest economic engine in the Southeast (Atlanta, GA). Dunwoody is a close and vibrant community which values family life and the entrepreneurial spirit. It supports and nurtures a community dedicated to the preservation of family, education, religious institutions, and the environment.


Sandy Springs, GA

You can't mention Dunwoody without mentioning Sandy Springs.  Chances are, many times you may think you're in Dunwoody but you're actually in Sandy Springs, and vice-versa.  With roots dating back to the 1800s, Sandy Springs originated as a watering stop for Native Americans who frequented the bubbling springs there, and it quickly became a community as settlers moved into the area. Today, the city enjoys and expresses a traditional southern charm, while also catering to its business-minded residents with one of the most innovative systems of service delivery in the country.

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