"You're not just looking for a house.  You're looking for the stage for the production of your life to take place."  - Brandon Adkins

The Adkins Real Estate Group believes a house is much more than a building for people to live in.  It is more than construction materials nailed, screwed, or bonded together based on plans drawn up by an architect.  A house is the empty stage upon which people's lives are acted out.  It is the place where your family's memories are made.  It is the place where your happiest and saddest moments play out.  It is the backdrop for all of your holiday pictures.  It is a part of you.

Our belief in what a home truly means to people is what drives us.  It is our passion to help people achieve their real estate dreams.  Whether that means buying your first home, up-sizing after children come along, investing in property to pay for college, or down-sizing after the kids get into the college of their choice, we want to be a part of it with you.  We focus on the cities of Dunwoody and Sandy Springs within the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area.  Why?  Because that is where our own dreams are playing out right now.

Please check out our website.  Click around and get to know us and what we do.  And when you're done, please contact us so that we can get to know you.  

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